We help businesses build successful
sales + marketing funnels
(psst... that means you make more money...)
Our List Of Services
  • Course Launch Consultation & Management
  • Sales Funnel Design, Strategy, & Consulting         {Clickfunnels, Drip, Etc.}
  • Photo + Video Content Creation
  • Facebook Ad Management
  •  Messenger Bots
  • New Business Package - Value Ladder Design, Website Design, Strategy
All my services include strategy, expertise, and actual ability to do the work -- not just for one aspect of the project but for ALL of it. 

It's like having a digital marketing department in your back pocket for your project. 

Everything from email marketing, Facebook ads management, Messenger Bots, copywriting, sales funnel creation, social media -- to value ladder design and business development. I have extensive experience and results in all of that. 

Yep. This IS the crazy digital marketing agency you've been looking for :)

Below is a more detailed description of my services.

It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you fill out an application TODAY, if you want to work with me in October/November 2019. My current waitlist extends out to the Fall of 2019. 
Sales + Marketing Funnel Design + Strategy
This is the core of my agency.

 I, along with my team of experts build:
  • Landing pages for opt-ins
  • The opt-ins/lead-magnets themselves (we help extract the content from you, then make them)
  • Sales pages for tripwire offers
  • Long form copy for your core offer
  • Email follow -up funnels (and nurture sequences)
  • Thank you pages
  • Facebook Ads management (and messenger bots if needed)
  • Automated webinars 
and more...

We'll write copy that is specifically designed to convert
  • Sells the 'one thing' on each page and keeps them engaged with story telling principles
  • Work to match and compliment your voice  
  • We work hard to build sales pages that feel less sales-y and more story based.
You'll also get branded graphic design elements
  • Beautiful, on-brand design elements 
  • Customized graphics and image for ads 
  • Epic sales pages that won't look like everyone else's
For your Facebook ads...
  • Work with you to craft copy + creative that matches and will speak to your audience with a goal of direct response
  • Set up your Facebook pixels to make sure we're gathering all the data we need 
  • Set-up your audiences
  • Set-up an EPIC retargeting campaign that will have leads jumping back in your funnel at every turn
Clients work with us anywhere from 4-16 weeks. The price per funnel starts around $8k.

Must Haves: A proven core offer and a proven tripwire/initial offer available to plug into the funnel.  
Course Launch Strategy & Management
Looking to launch a course? This might be a good fit for you...

I work closely with you and your team to map out a launch strategy and create a timeline for you launch. We'll also write copy, do an audit of your current systems and optimize, create new lead generation opportunities, analyze your sites and various platforms, and -- LAUNCH! I also oversee the launch process and will be there to help you form an ongoing action plan as you go into your new endeavor!

Typically this process happens over 12 weeks and prices start around $9k.

Must Haves: An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, a proven course idea, a willingness to outsource and/or hire team members (VA’s, developers, etc.), and an ad budget available. Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions. Must be willing to publish content, videos, etc. 
Photo + Video Content Creation
We create a 'hero' video, kind of akin to a trailer for you and your business or funnel.

Along with content for your social media, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook ads, etc. 

Prices start at $2k.

Must Haves: A clear branding vision and/or an established brand. Script writing is an additional service :)
New Business Package
This is for people who don't have a business, but want to get started and launch -- fast! No BS. No messing around looking for the "right way" to do things. We come in and work closely with you to get your -- branding, web design, funnels in place, client acquisition strategy, value ladder design, social media, ads all in place. 

This happens over the course of 12 weeks with a possible extension in place if more attention is needed on building the systems. 

Prices start around $10k.

Must Haves: A business idea. We'll help flesh it out, but the ideation FOR the business should already have happened :)
Facebook Ads Management
I offer stand alone Facebook Ads Management for a handful of clients. This offer includes a couple of things: 

Facebook Ad Setup - 

Work with you to craft copy + creative that matches and will speak to your audience with a goal of direct response
Set up your Facebook pixels to make sure we're gathering all the data we need 
Set-up your audiences
Set-up an EPIC retargeting campaign that will have leads jumping back in your funnel at every turn

Optional -- Landpage Design (includes a landing page software and set up) I work with you to identify an offer that will work great as a lead magnet and help you build your list. We'll put up a landing page and drive traffic to that page. ($500 value)

My fee for all of this $750/month (for businesses that have less than $100 - $3000 a month in ad spend)

If you spend more than $3k/month in ad spend, let's chat more in-depth about your needs. 

I DO NOT guarantee revenue goals.  I'm only a single part of the business equation so that wouldn't be fair to ask that of me, would it? :) 

I am skilled at bringing creativity and energy to projects. And, as my clients will tell you, I give you ALL of my creative juices when we're working together. 

I also LOVE to work with people who feel stuck. I can see escape routes and patterns and will not let you waste a ton of energy and time and money on things that aren't working for you. I'll help you move - now. 

The reason people hire me is because I can help them skip the line. I've spent SO much of my own time and money investing in developing these skills. And I promise that if we work together, I will save you a TON of money and time. Money and time that you would have spend sifting through the internet trying to learn Facebook ads from the latest "guru." 

You'll skip the agony of having to deciding what tools are best, managing you own team to do all this for you in house, or worrying constantly about how and where to start. We got you :)

I have plenty of references that I am happy to provide once we get to a point where we're going to start hanging out. 

I will treat your business like I own it. But having said that, I sure you know that means I don't work with every business.

On the next page here is a basic application that will save us both time, if we're not a good fit. 

BUT if we are, prepare for the magic my friend. 

Talk soon. 

Chris Creed
Storywell Marketing
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